Friday, December 19, 2008

School's Out for Christmas

Spent most of the day at the girl's school putting on a Christmas Party of the youngest class. What a blast!! Her class only has 17 kids and is a split class with 6 kindergartners and 11 first graders. The kids were so much fun and I had a lot of help from the mothers so there was a lot of food. There was two fruit plates, a cheese and crackers platter, a veggie tray, and three different kids of cookies. I ordered a couple of crafts from Oriental Trading, one of the mom's brought all the stuff for cookie decorating and we even had a fun game. The time flew by and since it was a minimum day, we got home soon after lunch. Our older daughter's teacher didn't have a party for the fourth graders. They watched a movie and had popcorn and juice. Not sure I agree with the toned down day since I think the kids really look forward to the few parties that they have each year but they have a wonderful teacher and she is the boss!! Now, the two week vacation starts and I need to come up with some projects to keep the girls busy so they don't drive us crazy. We got snow this week so they won't be able to play outside all day and I hate to have them watching TV all day.

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